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Kelse Portrait by ATadMad Kelse Portrait by ATadMad
'More Nextuus art!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!'

In October (??? I think) Thom, aka NyQuilDreamer commissioned me to draw this character for the back of the next volume of his comic Nextuus
before I did the actual commission (which I don't think I will post?) I painted this and then completely forgot about it lmao
I timed how long it took and everything because I was (and still am) planning to do a few more commissions at some point

I think I might open quick portrait-type comms first so I can keep it simple until I get the hang of it
So if you're interested, send me your vibes across the internet
I'm thinking £15 for something like this- I think that's pretty reasonable

ANYWAY, character is NyQuilDreamer's


edit/ also you can tell this is a month old because it has my old signature hohoho
NyQuilDreamer Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015

I love her expression here-- her face is simply perfect! I just love it. All of it. You're the best, kid!

And I'd gladly pay £15 (which I guess is approx $30? ish?) for this level of art!
ATadMad Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I'm... sorry it's taken me so long to reply to this lmao

but thanks man
I feel somewhat frustrated to some extent with this one because it felt more in character than the actual commission I did
Usually I always put character before visuals but I didn't in the commission idk it was still good tho

Thanks again- I am glad you like it :')

Yeah it might even be a little less than $30 at the moment- I don't keep track of these things haha
But COOL thank you- I think I will try and do some commissions at some point- even if it's just portrait comms
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